Von Treskow is a Melbourne based jewellery design company founded in the summer of 2004. Youthful designer Eva Lemmen expresses herself through the art of making jewellery inspired by her exotic German and Spanish heritage.

Rainey Designs have been making glass beads for over five years and jewellery for longer. She is completely self-taught in both fields which contributes to the unique style of her designs and creations.

Fashion and design are universal. They’re also fleeting and fickle. Working with some of the most renowned designers in the world, Cudworth Enterprises has its fingers firmly on the pulse of the global men’s fashion accessory industry. 

 In these days of must-haves and no-gos, it is reassuring that there are things that rise above the ever-changing trends. Jewellery from COEUR DE LION is timeless beyond measure. 

Our Pink Kimberley jewellery combines the natural beauty of Australian pink diamonds with award winning contemporary design. The range features an exquisite range of dress and engagement rings, earrings and pendants. 

Ichu jewellery is designed in Melbourne and delicately hand-crafted using only precious metals in Mexico and has also proved a favourite amongst celebrities and fashion bloggers.

The Rock Finders Keepers Jewellery Collection is inspired by the designer’s love affair with all things allusive and mysterious in this world. Each piece of RFK Jewellery reflects the designer’s appreciation of fashion, art and culture.

Featuring Italian design and manufacturing, Nomination brings together different metals and elements to create a unique, affordable range for every personality!

With over ten years of travelling to China, Nerida Harris, owner and founder of Pearl Perfection, sources the very best in quality freshwater pearls, and crafts them into an elegant, contemporary range of affordable pearl jewellery.

Australian Chocolate Diamonds have been both sourced and selected from Argyle Mines Western Australia. Australian Chocolate Diamonds are sure to be a stunning statement amongst an array of pieces.

Stirling Silver jewellery that fills the space between unconventianal and timeless, Najo is an Australian Jewellery brand that has been creating for over 25 years.

A range featuring the use of original pre-decimal australian currency. Highlighting beautiful copper and silver and a special and unique way. Perfect to commemorate a special year.