Argyle Pink Diamonds

Since the discovery of the Argyle diamond mine and its extremely unique yield of high grade pink diamonds, the extraordinary demand for these very rare diamonds has meant that the investment potential for pink diamonds has seen a steady growth of 10-25% annually.


Unlike white diamonds where there is very little rarity and investment is a little more selective and volatile, pink diamonds are so rare that almost every stone discovered may never see another like it and any high grade pink diamond has great investment value. Investing in pink diamonds is a medium to long-term investment with an unequalled investment history.


Whilst high grade pink diamonds are rarely worn or set into jewellery due to investment restrictions and the risk of loss or damage, there are many pink diamonds that still hold good future investment value but are affordable enough to be worn as special occasion jewellery.


These diamonds are slightly more common due to either a smaller size, lighter colour and/or lower clarity grades. Although still very rare, and growth is still guaranteed, a mid-range pink diamond is just a little less desirable for investment buyers who are seeking the much rarer true investment quality stones. When buying a pink diamond for jewellery purposes the investment tax benefits are often lost.

Jaemes has established relationships with some of Australia’s finest diamond and gemstone merchants, so if you're considering purchasing a pink diamond, he is in an ideal position to assist you in choosing the perfect stone for your investment.